Sophrology was developed in 1960 by a neuropsychiatrist named Alphonso Caycedo. It is a therapeutic method that aims to harmonize and strengthen the body and mind, optimize our resources and our potential as well as to help us lead a balanced life.

Mens sana in corpore sano

The Sophrology is a therapy that gives you powerful tools which allows you within the first few sessions, to optimize your quality of life.


It acts to improve of the quality of your sleep, your concentration, decrease stress and fatigue, manage the emotions and on the physical body, decrease tension, reinforce the immune system, reduce headaches, back and chronic pain…


“Do I have to wait to be sick to get treated?”

There is a relationship between the emotions and disease. The emotions that we hold on to or emotions that we cannot or do not want to verbalize, can crystallize in different parts of the body.

Do not accept that! You have the right to be happy, fulfilled, healthy and the ability to reach your potential!

You are not alone! Together, we can take the paths that will lead you to who you really are!