Since life together is not always a “long calm river”, Sophrology can help you overcome challenging periods and questions and help find a path of harmony in your relationship.
Critical remarks and arguments, as well as feelings of being misunderstood … Everyone remains in their belief and interpretations of the moment. At that time, the exchanges become less and less interesting, common activities are spaced out more and more, the laughter and the jokes are rarer and the moments of tenderness and intimacy are not as they once were … And then, silence ensues.

Don’t wait for your couple to break up! Don’t stay in that situation!

I offer couples Sophrology sessions at my office in Narita or At the Center Paramedi in Tokyo (Japan).
Each session favors dialogue in a calm and soothing place. Together we can analyze and understand why life as a couple is no longer satisfying.

In addition, we will work on your emotional and energetic blockages by practicing:

  • Exercises to unlock your energetic armor and release the emotions.
  • Relaxation exercises to help you be calm and able to more clearly identify what is happening in your relationship.

After a few sessions, you can listen, and better understand your partner.

I can help you find harmony in your relationship!