Sophrology sessions allow couples to rediscover dialogue, analyse and understand why their life as a couple is no longer satisfactory, in a calm and soothing environment.

Helping your couple to break the silence

man and woman sitting on bench facing on body of water
Photo : Johan Mouchet – Unsplash

Between the remarks, the arguments, the feeling of being misunderstood, the feeling of suffocating, of being on the wrong track, of not being loved any more, the less and less interesting exchanges, the increasingly distant common activities, the shared laughter or the increasingly rare moments of intimacy, the silence that sets in… Life together is not always a “long quiet river”.

But sophrology can help you to overcome periods of doubt and questioning, to find the path to harmony.

Sessions in a caring environment

I offer Sophrology sessions for couples at my office in Narita or at the Paramedi Centre in Tokyo, Japan. Each session focuses on dialogue in a calm and soothing environment.

Together we will work on your emotional and energetic blockages by analysing why you are no longer satisfied with your relationship and then practising:

  • Exercises to unblock your energetic breastplates and release the emotions within you.
  • Relaxation exercises to help you find peace and identify what is wrong.

After a few sessions you will feel much more calm and able to listen, understand your partner and take the necessary action.

I am here to help you find harmony in your relationship!