My name is Noëlle Kasai. I am French.

I am a Sophrologist – Reflexologist – Energy Therapist.

My clinic is located in Tokyo, also Narita – Japan and I consult via Skype too, all over the world.

I work with individual people (specially expatriates people), children, business people, high level athletes (as mental coach),  professional companies, hospitals, schools and various other associations.





My background

I worked in a large international company In Human Resources Division. My responsibilities were to help expatriate employees and their families become integrated into French society.
This work required a great deal of listening and understanding. But through this work, I discovered that I wanted to go further in helping people in difficult and stressful situations.
I wanted to learn some therapeutic techniques that could help me do that.

I decided to leave my job and begin a training of Sophrology in Paris. I graduated as a Sophrologist and then went on to obtain a Master’s degree as a Sophrologist therapist. In parallel, I also obtained a diploma in palliative care.

I have traveled a great deal and have worked in many different countries. Wherever I go, I continue to study and broaden my knowledge in the field of well-being and personal assistance.
I have studied meditation, various breathing techniques, rejuvenation and body cleansing which I learned in Tibet with Buddhist masters, Additionally, I studied Tai Chi Chuan in Taiwan for eight years and while I was there, I studied Energy Sciences and learned Magnetism techniques. I worked with a team of Magnetizers in a hospital in Taipei for three years in a children’s Neuro-oncology Department.  I have also learned Reiki with a Japanese master. Each of my trainings has helped me to progress on my personal path as well as to develop my therapeutic techniques.

Being away from my family, friends, work and home country has not been easy at times and adapting to new cultures has been a challenge. But, I welcome this journey as a wonderful gift that has allowed me not only to broaden my horizons, but especially to increase and refine my skills in the field of therapy.

When I returned to France from Asia I established a clinic and created a therapeutic program based on Sophrological techniques, my in-depth study of energy, as well as techniques of Tai Chi Chuan and meditation.
I also followed in parallel a training cycle in anatomy-physiology in order to better understand the human body. Combining my understanding and experience proved to be very effective in developing my therapeutic program in the three years that I remained in France.

What I propose

– Fully customized sessions that are exclusively adapted to your needs and expectations.
-A detailed therapeutic plan
– All sessions can be recorded for listening at home.
– Sessions that may help you progress quickly (not in 1 year or in 10 years …).
– Sessions which may help to liberate you from the obstacles that are preventing you from reaching your full potential and discovering joy, confidence and vitality in your life.