In Sophrology, energy techniques aim to regenerate the physical and psychic body through breathing exercises, positive visualisations, colours and positive emotions. Energy Sophrology will awaken you to your potential and enable you to optimise your resources.

person's hand reaching out sunlight
Photo : Aarón Blanco Tejedor – Unsplash

What do you mean by energies?

Is it something inside us? Where exactly? Why the expression “I have no energy” or “I am full of energy”?

It was in Asia that I came to understand the importance of energy and the area that people call the “second brain”. In Taiwan and China they do abdominal breathing exercises to circulate energy in the body. This is largely what we learn by practising Tai Chi Chuan or meditation.

Where does this come from? Is it a common practice in Asia?

In China, Japan and Tibet, medicine is also based on movement and energy circulation, using techniques such as shiatsu, acupuncture and many others to harmonise what is commonly called YIN and YANG. In Tibet, people go through sessions of magnetism aimed at unblocking what are called “energy cuirasses” that are responsible for tension in the body. This allows the body to re-harmonise the different “chakras” and thus bring in and circulate energy.

Finally, throughout Asia, the aim of meditation is to slow down and harmonise the rhythm of breathing, which serves to calm and restore energy. Meditation is practised everywhere; on a train, in a waiting room, while doing housework, walking or painting…

Sophrology is largely derived from these Asian practices. With my knowledge of these energy techniques, I can help you to regain your energy, to reach your physical and intellectual potential and above all to find more joy in life!

Together, You can learn to control your emotions in your life and turn them into positive energies!