Do you feel tired even on holiday, do you find it difficult to recover, do you want to get rid of your stress or fatigue, relax and take care of yourself? Do you want to take a break or give a loved one a moment of wellbeing?

Detox program: Sophrology – Tai Chi Chuan – Meditation – Hot springs

  • Dynamic Sophrology,
  • Introduction to Tai Chi Chuan,
  • Sitting or walking meditation
  • Japanese lunch,
  • Relaxation Sophrology,
  • Hot springs in Narita (transportation will be provided),
  • Reflections on the day, answers to questions, advice and discussions to help you maintain    your energy throughout the year.

The program can be modified according to your needs or requests.

The entire day is for your well-being

The activities are conducted in a friendly and quiet atmosphere. You are free to rest if you wish and / or not attend all activities. We are progressing step by step towards a complete recovery at the end of the day.


Maximum: 6 people (adults and children over 10 years old)
It is possible to pick you up at Keisei Narita Station, JR Narita or Narita Airport
Timetable: From 10am to 5pm

(Rate includes full program: Japanese lunch and hot springs included) 76 euros (USD: 80 – JP¥: 11000) 
Payable in cash, Paypal.
(Rate includes full program: Japanese lunch and hot springs included) 159 euros (USD: 169 – JP¥: 23000) 
Payable in cash, Paypal.