Many people think that they will be happy and be able to enjoy life when they will be on vacation… When they will have finished their studies… When they have found a partner… When the children are older… When they have climbed a few steps on the professional ladder… And that with time… Everything is going to get better… Except that, as time passes, slowly you lose confidence in yourself and the less you feel able to regain your happiness. So, you finally think… Happiness must be for others…



Find a fully balance personal life!

Whatever the area of your personal life that prevents you from being fulfilled and happy:

– Difficulties with family, romantic relationships or friendships,
– Unfulfilled personal relationships,
– Feelings of solitude, emptiness or being misunderstood,
– Suffering from family, friendly, geographical distance, homesickness,
– Stress, fatigue, lack of self-confidence, concentration problems,
– Insomnia, difficulty finding sleep or going back to sleep,
– Loss of vitality, joy of life, depression, burn-out,
– Backache, headache, chronic pain,
– Sexual problems,
– Gaining too much weight or losing too much,
– Tobacco addiction, alcohol,
– Anxiety due to the announcement of a surgical operation or a medical treatment,
– Accompanying a person with a serious illness or grieving from a death.


True happiness does not depend on any being, on any external object. It depends only on us!

I am here to help!