The group sessions are suitable for people who are looking for an effective way to physically and mentally recover from tensions and stress accumulated during the week.

séance groupe

Objectives of group sessions

These group sessions can take place at my clinic, professional structures, schools (for children), medical institutions or any other place chosen beforehand.
They can pursue a global objective or be related to a specific theme for the group and its participants (stress and emotion management, relationship and communication improvement …).
They are carried out in a process of research of general well-being and personal development.
They do not replace individual sessions that meet more specific needs.

Sessions usually take place once a week or every two weeks. They can be organised for a group of at least 5 people.

Conduct of a session

The session begins with a “pre-sophronic” phase of positioning and exchange. This is a moment where I welcome everyone’s comments on the last session, on possible expectations, etc…

It follows a relaxation phase of 30 to 40 minutes practiced standing, sitting or lying according to the different movements to perform. Then, other elements will complete the program such as T’ai Chi Chuan practice, breathing or meditation techniques. At the end of the session itself, a new free dialogue is proposed.

I am at your disposal, before, during and after each session, to advise you and / or give you specific recommendations of exercises to perform at home.

A program designed to help you progress quickly

Group sessions include year-round progress that is specific and well-defined. I adapt the sessions according to the needs of the group.
These follow a Sophrological program put in place to allow you to progress gradually in your ability to relax anytime, under any circumstances and, more and more quickly.

Feel free to come regularly or not, you have no obligation. However, it is recommended to follow the regular rhythm sessions, especially at the beginning.

The session (1h30): 30 euros per person (USD: 33 – JP¥: 4286) 
Payable with Paypal, credit card