Relaxation, the basis of all Sophrology techniques, has many benefits in freeing the body and mind from tension. From a health point of view, it allows you to better cope with stress and protect yourself from its harmful effects.

selective focus photography of woman meditating while sitting on ground surrounded by plants during daytime
Photo : Mor Shani – Unsplash

What is relaxation in Sophrology?

Relaxation consists of being in a passive position, without unnecessary tension, while being attentive or focused on a given stimulus: physical sensations, breathing, mental images, sounds, colours, objects, etc.

What are the aims of relaxation training?

  1. Better manage emotional reactions: Being able to reduce mental tension in a stressful situation and manage stress in all circumstances.
  2. Reduce the general level of stress: This learning makes it possible to lead a less stressful lifestyle. Thus preventing a series of somatic and psychological disorders.
  3. Recover quickly from a stressful situation: In the event of overwork or emotional stress, it is better for your health to take a “relaxation break” than to get excited or use stimulants.
  4. Have a restful sleep: Learning how to relax quickly and effectively will help you fall asleep more easily and sleep better and more deeply..
Please contact me and I will help you find the method of relaxation that suits you and can free you from stress and tension!