Relaxation is the basis of all Sophrology techniques which can free the body and mind from current tensions. Relaxation has multiple benefits. In terms of health, it helps to better manage stress and to prevent its effects.

What is relaxation in Sophrology?

It consists in having a passive attitude, while at the same time being attentive and focused on a certain stimuli: bodily sensations, the breath, mental images, sounds, colors, or objects.

Objectives of relaxation training


    1. Better manage emotional reactions
    2. Being able to reduce mental tension in a stressful situation and manage stress under all circumstances.

    3. Decrease the general level of stress
    4. Learning relaxation techniques help to reduce muscle and psychic tension. Learning these techniques further allows one to adopt a lifestyle which is “cooler”, and less tiring; thus preventing a series of somatic and psychic disorders.

    5. Recover quickly from a stressful situation
    6. In case of work overload or emotional load; it is better for the health to do a “pause-relaxation” than be very nervous, anxious or to consume stimulating substances.

    7. Have a restful sleep
    8. When one has learned to relax, one manages to fall asleep quickly, goes back to sleep more easily in case of interruption and sleeps more deeply.

Please contact me and I will help you find the method of relaxation that suits you and can free you from stress and tension!